Critical thinking

Build success beyond the classroom

Critical thinking is a complex process that involves reflection, analysis and evaluation. In the ELT classroom, it is about building academic literacy, not just linguistic proficiency. So, ELT coursework needs to build language skills alongside skills including evaluating, analyzing, and reasoning for academic success.

Building critical thinking skills aids in developing fluency and the production of authentic language while creating an opportunity for deeper learning and engagement. Exposing students to critical thinking tasks that are part of a contextualized language lesson, prepares them for what lies beyond their EAP coursework.

Christina Cavage talks about the importance of critical thinking in the ELT classroom

Christina Cavage

About Christina Cavage

Christina Cavage is the Curriculum and Assessment Manager at UCF Global, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, US. She has previously held the roles of dean, ESL director, coordinator and professor. She received her Master’s in TESOL from West Virginia University, and completed a one-year fellowship at Princeton University, where she researched blended learning and English language learners. She has trained numerous teachers all over the world in using digital technologies to enhance and extend learning. She has authored over a dozen ELT textbooks, including University Success. Christina has presented at conferences including TESOL, National Education Computing Conference, and the League for Innovation.


A panel chats to Christina Cavage on the Pearson English Podcast to explore critical thinking and its importance in the ELT classroom.


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