Why use mindfulness in the classroom?

The term mindfulness refers to a state of awareness by paying conscious attention to the present moment and observing it without judgement, with curiosity and with compassion.

In a school setting, mindfulness can help students regulate the stress surrounding exam pressure. Students can also learn to sit more comfortably with the impermanent emotions of adolescence which at the time seem all-consuming and everlasting.

Mindfulness has grown enormously in popularity and, as with anything trendy, it can be easy to build preconceptions and dismiss it before trying it yourself. Let’s break it down together and start with the basics!

Amy Malloy introduces what mindfulness is and how to apply it in the classroom.

About Amy Malloy

Amy Malloy

Amy Malloy is a writer and editor, and the founder of No More Shoulds, teaching mindfulness for healthier, kinder minds.

With 15 years’ experience in teaching, assessment and educational publishing, she now combines this first-hand understanding with certified training in wellbeing practices to help educators and students find inner calm in a stressful world.


Amy Malloy guests on the Pearson English Podcast to discuss how mindfulness can be built into ELT practice.

Blog posts

Amy looks at the skills we learn through mindfulness practice and exploring exercises to try with your students.

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This pocket guide to mindulness offers a practical introduction to mindfulness in your school. Learn about how mindfulness can help and how to incorporate it in your school.