Ready for what's next... webinar series

Join us from 10-19 November 2020 for a new series of Pearson English webinars. 

Choose from six topics and more than 30 sessions from our specialist speakers.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you! 

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Our topics

We’ve created a programme based on feedback from thousands of educators from around the world who responded to our Global Teacher Survey. Each day focuses on one of the key topics they highlighted: Addressing lost learning, supporting blended and online learning, maximising potential using digital platforms and tools, assessment, mental health and wellbeing and building confidence.

Our specialists

Each webinar is hosted by an expert. Speakers like Ken Beatty, Rachael Roberts, Andrew Walkley and Vaughan Jones will bring you practical, up-to-date advice, guidance and techniques to support your teaching, and fresh ideas for now and the future.


Each day is based around a theme, browse for what you're interested in.

Addressing lost learning

10 November: The focus will be on how teachers and learners can bridge the gaps from any disruption to learning.

Blended and online learning

11 November: Guidance and best practices in teaching online or in a blended learning environment.

Using digital platforms and tools

12 November: Practical webinars to help you become familiar with some of our new and improved platforms, apps and tools.


17 November: Helping you choose the right assessment for the right purpose and setting.

Mental health and wellbeing

18 November: Classroom and homework ideas and techniques to keep you and your learners healthy and thriving.

Building confidence

19 November: Webinars to help you feel more confident in teaching and learning English.

Receive a virtual goody-bag

All participants will receive a signed certificate of attendance and a virtual goody-bag.

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