Versant language tests bring the power of auto-marking technology to your organization

Leave the complex algorithms and statistical modeling to us. Using advanced voice and text recognition systems, Versant's patented technology provides a sophisticated and unbiased way to evaluate communication skills with pinpoint accuracy.

A scientific approach for evaluating speaking and listening skills

Specially designed AI captures candidates’ speech and analyzes what is being said and how it is said as compared to a native speaker.

Each test response is dissected to create many data points that are individually analyzed.

In a typical response, the Versant system takes 10 to 20 different specific measurements, which means across the entire test, over 2,000 pieces of data feed into a candidate’s score.

Unmatched technology engine measures writing and reading skills

Leveraging latent semantic analysis, the Versant system learns the meaning of words and analyzes each test for content, style, and writing mechanics.

Our system carefully measures aspects such as the candidates' fluency and coherence of each response, as well as the ideas that are being expressed to fully understand their language competency.

Measuring productive skills to prove true language capabillities

Rather than asking a candidate to answer multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks, Versant requires candidates to listen, understand, and respond appropriately - all in real time - to everyday topics they may come across at work or home.

The quality and objectivity of the Versant English Placement Test  is critical. This is not a Navitas test, and so the students and parents can feel assured that the results are an accurate assessment of their proficiency, on par with IELTS or TOEFL.

- Tony Cullen, the Executive General Manager for Marketing & Sales at Navitas

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