Leverage the most reliable, practical English assessment for your programs

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students enroll in language programs to improve their English communication skills and prepare themselves for university study in English-speaking countries.

To maximize their learning opportunity, it is important to place the students into the right class and program, and also monitor their progress throughout the school term without sacrificing the valuable teaching time of their teachers. Guarantee your English language program stands out by utilizing Versant tests, a robust, efficient language assessment tool.

Assess baseline language levels

Place students into the class that will target their current language level. Teachers can also identify students who need speaking practice or remedial instruction before participating in other programs or classes.

Demonstrate the value of your program

Progress monitoring throughout the school term will help to guide instruction for increased success.

Measure the improvements a student has made with their English communication skills after participating in one of your classes.

Accurate, meaningful results

The patented OrdinateĀ® scoring system has been validated with reference to human judgments of proficiency, fluency, and pronunciation.

Lower hiring and program costs

The Versant tests of spoken English will help your university assess students' skills and screen teaching staff in less time, streamlining your recruiting and placement processes while reducing assessment costs.

We needed a way to quickly and accurately identify our studentsā€™ English proficiency level for placement into our language program. Using sophisticated scoring technology, the Versant English Placement Test was selected by IBN Haldun University because it eliminates human and cultural bias, and as a result has allowed us to have an objective and reliable way to place our students.

- Muhammet Furkan Alpat, Director of the School of Foreign Languages at IBN Haldun University

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