The Big Think: Onscreen assessment

Presenter(s): Meredith Reeve, Kristina Altoft, Mark Campbell

Onscreen assessment: innovating for the future

The global pandemic created a huge shift in how teaching and learning has been delivered and international qualifications have been assessed over the last two years.

Within education, there are now increasing calls to accelerate the transition to onscreen teaching, learning and assessment, to reflect the way today's young learners live, learn and think. To address this, we are exploring not only how technology can shape what’s being learned, but also how it can be assessed.

As the world’s learning company and a trusted partner to schools, universities and employers worldwide, we are excited to tell you more about our onscreen assessment roadmap for international schools.

Join us in this exciting Big Think roundtable to hear more about our progress in this space and our plans for onscreen assessment in the future. We’ll answer your questions live so please submit your questions when you register.

About the presenters

Meredith Reeve is Head of Next Generation Assessment for General Qualifications at Pearson. She has held leadership positions across a range of teams within Pearson since beginning her career in education over 15 years ago, as a senior secondary teacher and chief examiner in her native country of Australia. With a background in assessment delivery and Standards leadership, Meredith has a wealth of experience across academic, vocational and skills-based based qualifications in the UK and internationally. She passionate about exploring future models of assessment that elevate the learner experience and best equip young people for the next steps in their lives. As a strategic lead for the future of Assessment in the Schools Product team, Meredith has a key focus on the role of onscreen technologies in assessment.

Kristina Altoft is Head of Assessment Services for Pearson School Qualifications.

Mark Campbell is Head of Online Assessment Transformation for Pearson School Qualifications.

For: International school senior leaders, senior leadership teams and international school owners

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