Fluency doesn’t just "happen": How to activate free expression

Explore the techniques and strategies you can use to get your learners to speak English confidently – whether they’re in the classroom or learning remotely. Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, authors of Pearson’s Connectivity, discuss the activities you can implement to help your learners be themselves when speaking in English.

Suitable for: Teachers of young adult and adult learners

Date: Thursday, 23rd March, 4PM GMT

Part of the Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series. 

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Part 4 of the 5-part Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series by Pearson.

Helping learners gain speaking confidence has always been challenging in the traditional EFL classroom. But now, virtual and hybrid learning has further reduced the opportunities for interpersonal communication practice, making the achievement of fluency even more difficult.

In this webinar, Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, authors of Pearson’s adult and young adult ELT course, Connectivity, share an effective, structured pedagogy for personalized learning – whether in remote or face-to-face settings.

Join for a live demonstration of activities designed to help learners frame what they want to say, plan how they want to say it, and build their speaking confidence, so they can be themselves in English.

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  • Ways to help learners move smoothly from controlled practice to free expression
  • Techniques learners can use to plan and develop their ideas and opinions in English
  • Author-led training for teaching with Connectivity or any other communicative courseware

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This webinar is most suitable for secondary teachers but will provide useful advice for any educator who wants to know more about personalising language learning.

Can’t join live? This webinar will be recorded and available to watch anytime on our YouTube channel from Monday 27th March.

Live date: Thursday, 23rd March, 4PM GMT

Presenter(s): Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, Co-authors and ELT specialists


About Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher

Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher are co-authors of Pearson’s double award-winning Top Notch and Summit series, as well as of their most recent course, Connectivity. They are both frequent presenters at professional conferences and teacher-training events around the world. Their materials are noted for their demonstrated success in boosting students’ self-confidence and expressive communication. ​

Joan Saslow
Allen Ascher

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