How to be a hero in the primary classroom

What do effective materials for young learners look like? Amanda Davies, author of Pearson’s My Disney Stars and Heroes and teacher trainer, shares the most recent insights into primary learners’ needs and how to fulfill them with age-appropriate, personalized and relevant content.

Suitable for: Primary teachers

Date: Tuesday, 21st March, 8AM and 4PM GMT

Part of the Be Yourself in English: Personalizing Language Learning webinar series.

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Part 2 of the 5-part Be Yourself in English: Personalising Language Learning webinar series by Pearson.

Busy teachers need good materials. But what do good materials for primary learners look like?

In this webinar, Amanda Davies, ELT writer and teacher trainer, shares up-to-date insights into what young learners really need in the classroom and how to implement these in your lessons.

Amanda will also reveal how Pearson’s primary teaching course, My Disney Stars and Heroes, can help primary educators meet the diverse needs of all your learners.

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  • Author-led teacher training for teaching My Disney Stars and Heroes

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This webinar is most suitable for primary teachers but will provide useful advice for any educator who wants to know more about personalizing language learning.

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Live date: Tuesday, 21st March, 8AM and 4PM GMT

Presenter(s): Amanda Davies, ELT author and teacher trainer


About Amanda Davies

Amanda Davies is a young learner specialist based in Poland. She writes coursebooks and materials for early years, primary and secondary learners, writes and edits blogs and articles, trains teachers face-to-face and online and works as an international educational consultant advising on young learner foreign language learning programmes. She’s worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.​

Amanda Davies

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