The English course for adults who want to make their way in the world and need English to do it. Helping learners communicate in their personal, academic and work lives.

For adult learners American English Print and digital 8 levels GSE: 22-84 CEFR: A1-C1

About the course

An innovative, multi-skills general English course, StartUp motivates adult learners through relevant, media-rich content for flexible learning anytime, anywhere

A flexible blended course that includes the Pearson Practice English App that takes learners from the page to mobile learning anywhere, anytime. StartUp is a video-rich course, with all videos integrated into the units to model language, present information and help make classes more engaging.

Designed to motivate 21st century learners with relevant and media-rich content. This innovative eight-level, multi-skills course is a complete language program and provides teachers with robust support to make teaching personalizable and easy.

Designed to help learners develop the language they need to communicate in their personal, academic and work lives while building collaborative and critical thinking skills. The course provides teachers and learners with all the support needed to maximize progress virtually or in the classroom.

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Why choose StartUp?

Empowers learners to effectively communicate in English

A unique, video-rich programme
Equally effective virtually and in the classroom

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StartUp is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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