Discover English

Using tried and tested principles to meet the needs of today’s English language learners, Discover English provides a flexible learning pathway and a broad variety of content to challenge your learners.

For secondary learners British English Print and digital 5 levels GSE: 22-42 CEFR: A1-A2

About the course

A solid grammar and lexical syllabus that motivates learners using a harmonious mix of variety and challenge

Empower teenage learners to discover the world beyond their classroom with content that expands their real-world knowledge and English language skills.

Based on a strong language learning methodology, Discover English offers a robust English course that is both flexible for teachers and packed with a variety of challenging content for learners.

There are plenty of opportunities for learners to explore different cultures and foreign countries, plus fun challenges that encourage cognitive and linguistic development, such as designing computer games, breaking codes and problem-solving.

The grammar and lexical syllabus helps learners build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Meanwhile, the broad variety of content means that every class is different, so teachers can keep learners motivated as their skills progress. 

Why choose Discover English?

Flexible for teachers with four levels and two possible starting points
Built on tried and tested principles and a solid grammar and lexical syllabus
 Motivates learners with a variety of content – so no class is the same

Discover English is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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  • Certify with Pearson English International Certificate

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