Wider World

Wider World prepares teenage learners for their futures with the versatile skills needed to enjoy their social lives, advance their studies and succeed in their careers.

For secondary learners American and British English available Print and digital 5 levels GSE: 10-55 CEFR: Pre A1-B1+

About the course

With a wide range of content and topics, learners build their English proficiency through exciting topics that spark their interest

Wider World is Pearson's most popular mid-secondary course. It prepares teenagers for life by giving them the skills they need to enjoy social lives, pursue their studies and succeed in their future careers. The course features authentic English from humorous situations, interviews with real people, and clips taken from BBC programs that show language used in real-life situations.

Each unit explores the wide diversity of life and culture, exposing students to topics from around the world, including global citizenship and sustainability goals. It recognizes cultural diversity and supports tolerance, and features extra support for mixed-ability classes and neurodivergent students.

The virtual classroom uses live video, shareable interactive whiteboard, live assignments with real-time teacher view of student performance, chat and a hand-raising system.

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Why choose Wider World?

Inspires learners to enthusiastically engage with English in authentic contexts
Builds learners’ transferrable skills for future successes outside the classroom
Enhanced support for personalizing learning for mixed-ability and neurodivergent learners

Courses available

British English Edition

Wider World Second Edition motivates learners to use British English as it’s really spoken through exposure to high-quality authentic content, including videos from the BBC.

American English Edition

Wider World American Edition carefully adapts the successful English language learning concepts of Wider World to meet the specific needs of teachers and learners looking for an American English course. 

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