Citizenship education

New exam-prep options for secondary and adult education

Civics for citizenship

These recently developed resources cater to high school students getting ready for a civics examination, English-proficient individuals applying for citizenship, and students enrolled in adult education and vocational training programs that incorporate civics material.

Cover  of the book 'Voices of Freedom English and Civics for US citizenship' with a picture of the statue of liberty and a american flag.

Voices of Freedom

English and Civics for U.S. Citizenship

Voices of Freedom, by Bill Bliss, has assisted hundreds of thousands on their path to United States citizenship. The updated edition includes an integrated audio eBook with highlighting and note-taking tools, as well as a mobile app for audio practice.

The course covers language skills, civics knowledge, and recent events for the citizenship test and naturalization interviews. It combines basic English and civics material, with easy-to-read passages and photos illustrating U.S. history and government.

"Voices of Freedom" also includes an activity and test prep workbook and teachers guide, serving as a comprehensive resource for citizenship preparation and Integrated Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) programs.

Why choose Voices of Freedom?

Simple readings and hundreds of current and historic photographs present civics content in a context-rich and easy-to-read format

Civic participation activities enrich learning and align with Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) goals
Authentic dialogs and listening activities develop students' communication skills for success in the naturalization interview and spoken-English exam
An Activity & Test Prep Workbook provides supplemental reading and writing practice

Civics Checks offer practice with the 100 official citizenship questions
A Teacher's Guide offers step-by-step instructions, expansion activities, and reproducibles

Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship

Preparing for the Test

Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship is a tailored course that prepares students for the official U.S. civics exam. The course is designed for both in-school use and self-study, offering concise overviews and providing context to the official questions and answers.

Authored by Bill Bliss, this customized edition is designed for English-proficient adult and secondary school students. It offers easily digestible readings with current and historic photographs, creating an engaging learning experience.

The course is organized into twelve chapters, providing essential government, history and civics information. By following this structured approach, students gain foundational knowledge for success in the exam and a deep understanding of U.S. history, government and civics.

Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship empowers students to confidently navigate the exam and develop a comprehensive understanding of the intricate fabric that forms the United States.

Cover of the book 'Basic Civics for US Citizenship Prepping for the test', it has a image of the statue of liberty with a American flag
A group of people walking over a crossroad in america

The course consists of twelve chapters covering government, history, and civics. Each chapter includes:

  • Readings: Informative passages with essential information.
  • Illustrations: Visual aids for enhanced understanding.
  • Document and speech excerpts: Firsthand perspectives from significant sources.
  • Civics Check: Exercises to test comprehension.

The course's Appendix includes valuable resources like:

  • 100 Civics test questions: Official questions asked in the citizenship exam.
  • Reading and writing test: Materials for practice and improvement.
  • Test Yourself section: Self-assessment tools.
  • Civics destinations: Supplementary materials for further exploration.
  • Civics reflections: Prompts for critical thinking.

Additional online teaching materials are available to support educators.

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