Benchmark Test

Measure real English progress, fast.

Get detailed insights into your learners’ abilities, track their progress and find out which skills they need to build next – all in less than 45 minutes. Suitable for use alongside any English course.

Tests general international English (suitable for American and British English users)

Assessment For learners aged 14+ For proficiency and progress Online GSE 10-90 CEFR <A1-C2 Results in minutes

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Accelerate the journey to fluency with Benchmark Test

Skills assessed

Speaking, reading, listening and writing

Take the test

Online, at home or in the classroom

Test time

45 minutes or less


Within minutes with Pearson AI technology

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Reasons why educators choose Benchmark Test

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A fast, consistent way to identify learner needs and measure progress

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Reliable scores on internationally recognised scales (GSE and CEFR)

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Reports that help you plan lessons for the class and individuals

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Detailed performance descriptions for each skill and overall ability

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Recommendations to help learners improve their skills and suggestions for skills practice in Pearson courses

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Reports that can be shared with learners to demonstrate progress and motivate learning

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