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Unlock the magic of learning, with Pearson and Disney

Building young learners' confidence has never been easier. The world's learning company and the world's greatest storytellers have joined once again to empower learners around the globe to share, grow and achieve together.

Well-loved Disney stories and characters make English language learning fun, creating eager learners who want to participate and discover more.

Our Disney courses include stunning artwork from animated movies and film stills from live action films. Offering a range of support materials for flexible teaching, they embed real-life values, helping young learners develop social skills and encouraging participation and problem solving.

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Why learn with Disney?

Sharing stories

Disney stories and characters are loved all over the world. Learning through stories children know and recognize from an early age makes them feel motivated and engaged.

Sharing values

Disney’s family friendly adventures contain a huge range of valuable life lessons. Using relatable models of behaviors, children explore personal feelings and social interactions through their favorite characters.

Lifelong learning

Disney stories provide a structure for students to learn more with confidence. Learning through Disney makes every child feel they can achieve their best.

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