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We’re dedicated to helping educators, HR professionals, test takers, learners and parents on every step of the learning journey.

“Learning English along with five further languages has changed my life. It has opened new possibilities and allowed me to gain incredibly rich experiences in both my professional and personal life. It fills me with immense pride that myself and the team can support others in their learning journey.” 
Gio Giovannelli,
President of Pearson Language Learning
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We're continually investing in ground-breaking technology

We invest hundreds of millions each year to ensure we are using the very latest in technology to improve outcomes for all learners.

We're committed to supporting language learning for all learners

We put learners' progress at the heart of everything we do, because language courses should be accessible to everyone, no matter their situation.

We go the extra mile with our customer benefits

Our language resources and tools are available for free to all Pearson customers, because we know support is the key to success.

Pearson English Academies – free English resources for all customers
Business Excellence Kits containing co-branded materials to highlight the benefits of our programs
 Access to our efficacy team, who are here to help you design research to show your results