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Each year, we invest hundreds of millions in the latest technology to improve outcomes for all learners. This technology enables us to deliver immersive, engaging language learning tailored to your needs. Accessible anytime, anywhere. It is also what enables us to deliver fast accurate test scores which are free from bias and which are trusted by governments, Ivy League universities and Fortune 500 companies around the world. 

Our technology makes learning easy, wherever you are

We invest in the latest technology to provide engaging experiences that suit the needs of every type of learner. Whether that be in school, at work and at home, on mobiles, laptops or even a VR headset, we have got language learning covered. Find out more about how our game-changing technology is transforming learning:

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Join over 100 million people to learn any of our 41 languages now. We use the latest speech recognition technology so your virtual teacher will answer instantly and give you feedback to help you on your journey. 

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