Ready to Write

Ready to Write features a range of activities and strategies to assist learners in developing the writing skills they need for study and life.

For adult learners American English Print and digital 3 levels GSE: 30-72 CEFR: A2-B2

About the course

Unlock the power of writing and grow your learners' writing confidence with Ready to Write

Ready to Write features guided writing instruction, dependable strategies and activities to help learners develop the writing skills they need for study and life. Extensive practice activities and clear teachable steps guide students through prewriting, writing, revising and editing as they move from personal (emails, journals, letters) to academic (essays, lab reports, analyzing data, college applications) writing.

Examples and model paragraphs illustrate organizing elements like topic sentences, supporting details, and signal words. Additional activities are available for extra practice in grammar for writing, focusing on basic punctuation, writing mechanics, and paragraph structure. 

Featuring a variety of new activities, this course helps to hone the composition skills learners need to be successful in both personal and academic settings.  

Ready to Write digital resources

Why choose Ready to Write?

Diverse and engaging writing activities keep learners motivated
Easy-to-teach, user-friendly coursebooks for educators and learners
Clear writing frameworks help learners navigate personal and academic writing

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