Dreams in Mind, Future in Hand – Pearson PTE Launched a New Brand Video to Help Dreams Set Sail

Beijing, 4 May 2023 – As we have the chance to embrace the world again, more young people are eager to seize new opportunities, explore the surprises of the unknown, travel to other parts of the world, and experience a different life. English language tests are often the first step toward fulfilling their aspirations.

Pearson PTE, a globally well-recognized English language test, released its new brand video and tagline – “Dreams in Mind, Future in Hand” on the International Youth Day. Yang Jiacheng, a popular English learning blogger, has also been revealed as the new PTE ambassador, who encourages test takers and other young people to bravely embrace their dreams and develop an exciting and limitless future.

When Pearson PTE first started its #Your uncertain dreams# campaign on social media, it received heartfelt and inspiring dreams from test-takers and young people. Some said, “I'm finally determined to get my driver’s license! In the past, I found all kinds of excuses to put myself off, but this time a change is underway!” Some said “I don’t have many dreams. Still, one is to pass the language test. Gap years may not sound hard to those who have clear goals, but for those who are preparing and hope to pass the exams, it is way too painful.” Others say, “There can be times when you feel lost and unsure of what you want. But if you give it some thought, you’ll realize that your efforts simply aren’t sufficient. My next step is to move towards my original aspiration!”

“We feel moved to see how young people fight hard to achieve their dreams despite confusion and uncertainty,” said Diana Dai, Director of Marketing for English Learning, Pearson Greater China, “Pearson PTE hopes to build test-takers confidence to achieve their dreams as they face the exciting yet uncertain dream of studying abroad.”

“We invite Mr. Yang Jiacheng to be our PTE ambassador in the hopes of offering test-takers all-around support on social media platforms and in other places where they expect our help and to build a bridge for them to realize their dreams. Through joint and concrete efforts, we will help them turn their ‘uncertain dreams’ into a certain and clear future”, Diana said.

Pearson PTE, as a high-stake English language proficiency test, are used for studying abroad, overseas working, and immigration. Since 2009, test-takers have embraced a novel testing experience thanks to the unique computer-based PTE tests.

  • Wider Recognition. PTE Academic has been recognized by over 3,000 institutions in over 70 countries and regions worldwide, including all colleges and universities in Australia and New Zealand, 99% of colleges and universities in the UK, 90% of colleges and universities in Canada, and more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and curriculums in the US, including Princeton University, MIT, and Yale University. In terms of visas, the PTE test can be used for all types of visas to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand; in addition, it has been approved by Canada and will be used for Canadian economic visa applications.
  • Fairer Test. Developed independently by Pearson, the computer-based PTE test offers a machine-based test experience and scoring system. Based on Pearson’s Global Scale of English, the test offers a fair, accurate, and consistently objective evaluation of the test-takers’ English language proficiency.
  • Faster scoring. From registering and scheduling to reviewing scores and forwarding the results to the institution or agency, the process is completely online. PTE is available 365 days a year. Test takers can book the test 24 hours in advance in an efficient online process and finish the test in 2 hours - the test experience is made faster and more convenient.
  • Simpler test preparation. Pearson provides a variety of official test preparation resources to help test takers quickly comprehend and become familiar with the PTE exam. Users can prepare more thoroughly and quickly while finishing tests successfully benefiting from its official scoring practice test, free preparation tools, and a wide range of preparation services provided by our partners.

More than 2 million test-takers have benefited from Pearson PTE’s services in achieving their goals of studying, working, or living overseas. Yang Jiacheng, the new PTE ambassador, also released a new song he composed especially for PTE under the same name “Dreams in Mind, Future in Hand”, conveying a clear message “to break hardships bravely, embrace ourselves, and believe that the future is ours”.


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