Pearson Middle East successfully hosts PTE Partners event to recognize institutions and foster relationships

18 April 2023, United Arab Emirates – Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, recently hosted a Ramadan themed Iftar for its PTE Partners in the UAE. The event, attended by over 70 guests of PTE partners, aimed to recognize institutions and to cultivate meaningful relationships to reach long-term growth. The event provided an opportunity for Pearson to showcase its current and future plans, in addition to presenting certificates and awards to deserving partners in an effort to further develop and cement relationships with them.

The event presented a total of 33 certificates to partners, including 27 PTE Partners, 4 PTE Test Center Partners, and 2 PTE Recognizing Institutions. Additionally, six awards were presented to top-performing partners, namely ACE IT Training for Top Performing New PTE Partner, Dubai; Y-Axis for Top Performing PTE Partner, Dubai; Murdoch University for Top Performing New Test Centre, Dubai; JNS Education for Top Performing Test Centre, Dubai and for Top Performing PTE Partner, UAE; and MontRoyal Elevate for Top Performing Test Centre, Abu Dhabi.

With the increase in the number of people aspiring to move abroad to study or work as a stepping-stone in their lives, Pearson offers PTE Academic, a secure English language test for study applications, accepted by 3,000+ institutions worldwide and recognized for visa applications for work and migration in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

The importance of English language learning cannot be overstated in today's globalized world. English is the language of international business, education, and communication, and proficiency in the language is often a key requirement for higher education, immigration, and employment opportunities in many countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. In addition, having the knowledge of the language opens a world of cultural and intellectual opportunities. Hence, many countries require proof of English language proficiency as part of their immigration process.

The PTE Academic is a 100% computer-based test designed and monitored by people to assess the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the test-takers. PTE Academic aims to help test takers prove their English proficiency by offering a stress-free test experience through a single exam session and test score in typically less than 36 hours. The examination is administered and evaluated by leading Artificial Intelligence technology to ensure accuracy and eliminate any form of bias in its test results. The program provides a range of preparation options to test takers including Scored Practice Tests, PTE Academic Question Banks, the Official Guide to PTE Academic, and the PTE Academic English Booster, offering access to in-depth information and practical advice on each part of the exam.

Commenting on the award ceremony, Ipek Aydin, Director – PTE, MEA at Pearson said, "Every year, numerous ambitious individuals rely on PTE as a fast and effective means of demonstrating their English language proficiency and unlocking new personal and professional opportunities. With over 3,000 institutions worldwide acknowledging and accepting PTE Academic, our test-takers have access to endless possibilities. The quality and accessibility of our services are assured by our partners and institutions, without whom none of this would be feasible. The remarkable commitment and dedication of our partners and institutions have enabled millions of people across the world to access exceptional English language testing services. We recognize and acknowledge the pivotal role our partners play in achieving our objectives and would like to thank them for their contributions and making PTE Academic a huge success in the region. Our partnerships are critical to our success, and we look forward to continuing to work together to advance the goals of our institution.”

Pearson remains steadfast in its mission to provide reliable and effective language testing solutions. Through its partnerships with educational institutions and organizations around the world, Pearson PTE Academic is helping to bridge language barriers and create opportunities for people from all walks of life. For further information on PTE Academic or its testing centres in the region, please visit -