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Whether you're preparing for a language test that’s been set by an employer or looking to proactively provide evidence of your English proficiency as part of your job search, Versant by Pearson is here to help. 

  • Fast, secure and accurate scores
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Designed to assess practical, business-relevant language skills
  • Supported by a wide range of preparation resources and practice tests

Versant by Pearson English Certificate

Puts you in the driving seat

Proactively certify your professional English skills for prospective employers and make your CV stand out.

Get proof of your English proficiency online today – anytime, anywhere and get results fast.

Make your CV shine – find out more about our new English certificate.

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Versant by Pearson English Tests

Been asked to take a language test as part of a recruitment process?

Our tests are sent directly to you by the employer. We offer scored practice tests and an extensive range of resources to help you prepare and do your best on test day.

Get familiar with the test format, improve your test taking skills and work on areas for improvement.

Be test ready – explore our scored practice tests and prep resources.

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