Lean Six Sigma, 1st edition

  • Donna C. S. Summers

Lean Six Sigma

ISBN-13:  9780135125106

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A leader’s ability to manage in a complex environment is crucial to their organization’s success. Quality, productivity, and cost. Is there any organization in the world that would not want to optimize each of these three areas? Lean Six Sigma: Process Improvement Tools and Techniques presents both the principles of lean and Six Sigma and the tools and techniques that enable optimal performance. The text's many real life examples show how interrelated tools and techniques can be used to solve problems and are drawen from a wide variety of venues, including service industries like healthcare and distribution, manufacturing companies, and government.

Table of contents


Chapter 1            Lean Six Sigma Origins

Chapter 2            Leadership For Process Improvement

Chapter 3            Strategic Planning For Process Improvement

Chapter 4            Creating a Customer Focus

Chapter 5            Process Improvement Teams


COSTS: Defining Opportunities for Process Improvement

Chapter 6            Costs of Quality

Chapter 7            Process Performance Measures

Chapter 8            Managing Process Improvement Projects

Chapter 9            Problem-solving using Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control


PRODUCTIVITY: Process Improvement Opportunities

Chapter 10          Value Stream Process Mapping

Chapter 11          Just-in-Time and Kanban

Chapter 12          Five S

Chapter 13          Kaizen and Error Proofing

Chapter 14          Work Optimization        

Chapter 15          Productive Maintenance

Chapter 16          Supply Chain Management


QUALITY: Variation Reduction Opportunities

Chapter 17          Statistics

Chapter 18          Variables Control Charts

Chapter 19          Process Capability

Chapter 20          Reliability

Chapter 21          Design of Experiments

Chapter 22          Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Chapter 23          Lean Six Sigma

Published by Pearson (July 14th 2010) - Copyright © 2011