Langue 1 & Langue 2

GSE 22 - 88 / CEFR A1 - C2  


Roadmap is an easy-to-use general English course for older teens and adults. Teachers can choose from two different teaching tracks, allowing them to adapt their lessons to their students’ needs and expectations. Roadmap is a well-organized course with an integrated skills approach, focusing on practical vocabulary and developing communication skills.

Roadmap English

Map it out

Appeals to students

Learners appreciate having material that is relevant and interesting, and they profit most from activities that enable them to participate fully in class.

Roadmap engages learners by including:

  • Varied topics, so that students don’t have to sit through five lessons built around the same topic. 
  • Carefully-structured speaking tasks with models, time to prepare and opportunities to reflect on performance. Shy students who are reluctant to speak find this particularly helpful.
  • A hands-on skills approach, teaching practical vocabulary that can be used in real-life contexts.
  • An attractive look and feel, with clearly laid-out pages and accessible material.
  • Amusing video clips integrated into the course and mobile app, so that students can practise whenever they want to.
Great for teachers

Teachers will appreciate the clear, accessible and easy-to-use material.

Roadmap makes life easier for teachers by providing:

  • Clearly-organized course content and user-friendly ‘pick up and go’ lessons.
  • Ready-made extras for each lesson: warmers, fillers, and extension and homework activities.
  • Extra material to liven up the classroom: videos, photocopiables, communication games and activities.
  • A front-of-class presentation tool, giving easy access to all of the support material.

Two teaching tracks

It can be a challenge to juggle all of your students' different needs, interests and abilities. To help teachers manage the mixed-needs classroom, Roadmap offers a unique twin-track approach.

  • Fast track - focuses on key vocabulary and developing learners’ speaking skills.
  • Extended track - gives learners valuable training in reading, writing and listening.

This approach allows teachers to adapt the material to fit the length of the course. Regardless of the number of teaching hours or the interests of the learners, Roadmap’s flexible approach makes it easy for teachers to choose the best route to language success.