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Discover Australia and the world

Encourage learners to discover the world around them with accessible and thought-provoking non-fiction and fiction resources. The inclusion of carefully considered First Nations content also provides learners the opportunity to connect with important Australian stories, history, and culture.

Featuring over fifty series

2023 Primary Catalogue

Packed with new and exciting resources to support the latest curriculum and teaching practices, Pearson's 2023 catalogue also showcases many trusted resources already known and loved by Australian primary schools!

Plus, you'll find helpful links and insights into the research behind resources like Mathology, Science Readers and Units of Study.

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Sharing Our Stories review

Sharing Our Stories designed to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures to the classroom.

In this blog Deryn Mansell, Editor of VALBEC's Fine Print journal, reviews Pearson's the award-winning series. 

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