The 2023 editions have been updated to cover the latest economic changes including the impact of rising inflation on the Australian and global economies, the conflict in Ukraine, economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the new economic policy under the Albanese government.

  • Year Levels 11–12
  • Curriculum NSW
  • Subject Humanities
  • Resource Formats Digital, Print
  • Learning Focus Economics
  • Last Updated Nov 2022

What it is

Pearson Senior Economics provides students in Year 11 and 12 a detailed analysis of the current global and Australian economic landscapes. Included texts are updated regularly to cover the latest global economic changes and consist of: 

  • student books 
  • student eBooks 
  • student workbooks.

How it helps


Accessibility-minded content: Ensure learner-friendliness of complex information with content designed to consistently offer clear, concise language. 

In-built scaffolding: Provide organic and appropriate support with scaffolding of key knowledge and skills alongside opportunities for extension.  

Class-based learning activities: Support the understanding of more difficult theory with activities designed for the whole class. 


Texts revised annually: Use up-to-date data from the Federal Budget and Balance of Payments figures to ensure economic lessons are always relevant.  

Prepare students for exam time: Give students the best possible preparation for their exams with content that’s both current and comprehensive.  

Trusted, expert authors: Rely on series content honed by author team Tim Dixon and John O'Mahony over the course of twenty years. 

“The text is written at the student level and that is the strength of the book.”
- NSW Economics Teacher

What it includes

Discover how the components of Pearson Senior Economics improve teaching outcomes.


Student Books

Image showing Pearson Senior Economics Student Books for year 11 and 12.

Pearson Senior Economics Student eBooks include: 

  • comprehensive and up-to-date content that follows the syllabus  
  • a rich selection of summative assessment  
  • content written at an appropriate and accessible level  
  • appropriate support and scaffolding of key concepts and knowledge. 



Image of Pearson Senior Economics Student ebook covers each shown on an Ipad screen.

Pearson Senior Economics Student eBooks include: 

  • access to the student books in a digital, downloadable format 
  • answers to the workbook activities, including enhanced answers showing fully worked solutions and explanations  
  • exclusive additional resources, including webinar recordings. 


Student Workbooks

Image of Pearson Senior Economics Student Workbooks for year 11 and 12.

Pearson Senior Economics Student Workbooks include: 

  • a range of question types  
  • extensive content designed for exam practice
  • independent research tasks to help learners understand core concepts more thoroughly  
  • class activities to support the understanding of more difficult theory. 


Emerging from the Covid Recession

Recorded: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 

Presented by: Tim Dixon, Co-founder at More in Common and John O’Mahony, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics  


Author interview with Tim Dixon and John O'Mahony

Presented by authors Tim Dixon and John O’Mahony 

Duration: 9 minutes 

Meet the authors

Tim Dixon and John O'Mahony have produced Pearson Economics for over twenty years with the support of an experienced team of economists. Together they combine a deep knowledge of economic theory and the Australian and global economies with an in-depth understanding of the senior economics course.

Tim Dixon is co-founder of More in Common, an organisation with teams in the US, UK, France and Germany that work to bridge social and economic divisions and the threat of extremism. For the past decade he has been based in London and New York, creating start-ups to address social and economic crises. After coming first in NSW in his HSC exams, Tim finished degrees in economics and law, worked as a technology lawyer and founded an educational publishing business. He’s worked as an economic adviser and chief speechwriter for two Australian prime ministers.

Tim has also addressed the UN General Assembly and presented Ted Talk sessions.

John O’Mahony is a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics in Sydney, where he specialises in trends in the digital economy. He has worked at the Australian Financial Review, in the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Economics and Business, for the NSW Government and as a senior adviser for two Australian prime ministers. John was awarded the University of Sydney Medal for his First-Class Honours degree in Commerce (Liberal Studies) and has co-authored economics textbooks for over twenty years.

Samples & downloads

Tools and materials to help you unlock Pearson Economics.

  • Pearson Economics 12 — Australia In The Global Economy 2024 — Student Book Topic 1 — Sample Pages Download PDF (14.6MB)
  • Pearson Economics 12 — Australia In The Global Economy 2024 — Student Book Topic 4 — Sample Pages Download PDF (2.6MB)

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