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  • Year Levels 11–12
  • Curriculum NSW
  • Subject Humanities
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus Geography

What it is

This edition of the award-winning Global Interactions Year 11 and Year 12 series delivers content, statistics, and case studies to cover all aspects of the NSW Stage 6 Geography Syllabus. It includes:

  • an engaging student book designed to help learners succeed
  • an accompanying eBook that can be used both online and offline
  • teacher resources that streamline lesson planning and exam preparation.

How it helps


Detailed exam preparation: Develop the skills required for exam preparation using sample responses that have differentiated and constructed answers.

Make Geography more relatable: Enable learner success by connecting them to subject matter using in-depth and relevant case studies and examples.

A more engaging approach to Geography: Stimulate learning with a wide range of dynamic and understandable images, textual examples, graphs and maps.


Extensive teacher support: Enrich your teaching and save time with materials such as sample responses, skills and concepts, and teaching programs.  

A seamless learning transition: Combine Global Interactions with Pearson Geography NSW for a seamless approach to Geography from 7–12 for the NSW syllabus. 

Experienced local authors: Our author team are experienced New South Wales educators who’ve helped develop the Geography Curriculum at state and national levels.

What it includes

Discover how Global Interactions improves teaching outcomes.


Student Books

Image for Global Interactions Student Books

Developed specifically for the NSW Stage 6 Geography Syllabus, the Global Interactions Student Book offers:

  • a fresh layout with updated case studies and statistics
  • dynamic and relevant images
  • textual examples
  • engaging graphs and maps
  • sample responses and worked examples for exam preparation.



Image for Global Interactions Student Ebooks

This electronic version of the Global Interactions Student Book helps students access:

  • coursework on any device, online or offline
  • tasks to support preparation for upcoming exams.


Teacher support

Global Interactions provides educators with access to support materials to enrich the content and save time,including:

  • teaching programs
  • skills and concepts
  • sample responses with differentiated and constructed answers to help students develop the skills required for exam preparation.

Table of contents

Year 11

Section 1: Biophysical interactions

  • Chapter 1: Biophysical interactions: an introduction
  • Chapter 2: The atmosphere
  • Chapter 3: The hydrosphere
  • Chapter 4: The lithosphere
  • Chapter 5: The biosphere
  • Chapter 6: Coastal environments and management
  • Chapter 7: Catchments and river regulation

Section 2: Global challenges

  • Chapter 8: Population geography
  • Chapter 9: Natural resource use
  • Chapter 10: Cultural integration
  • Chapter 11: Political geography
  • Chapter 12: Geographies of development
  • Chapter 13: Geoskills

Table of contents

Year 12

Section 1: Ecosystems

  • Chapter 1: Ecosystems at risk
  • Chapter 2: Coastal dunes
  • Chapter 3: The Great Barrier Reef

Section 2: Urban places

  • Chapter 4: World cities
  • Chapter 5: Megacities of the developing world
  • Chapter 6: Urban dynamics
  • Chapter 7: Sydney: a global city

Section 3: People and economic activity

  • Chapter 8: Global tourism
  • Chapter 9: Local tourism: Perisher Ski Resort
  • Chapter 10: The global viticulture and winemaking industry: First Creek Wines

Meet the authors

Global Interactions is brought to you by experienced educators who know New South Wales schools and have all contributed to several geography texts including the Pearson Geography NSW series.

Grant Kleeman is an experienced educator, author, curriculum consultant and examiner. Grant has been closely involved in the development of the geography curriculum at the state and national level. He is the coordinating author of several texts, including the Pearson Geography NSW series.

David Hamper is an experienced geography educator and is currently Deputy Principal at International Grammar School, Sydney. David has also contributed to several geography texts including the Pearson Geography NSW series.

Helen Rhodes is an experienced geography educator and is currently a Master Assisting in Geography at Shore, North Sydney. Helen has also contributed to several geography texts including the Pearson Geography NSW series. 

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