Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Combined Volume, 4th edition

Published by Pearson (December 30, 2010) © 2012

  • Janetta Rebold Benton Pace University
  • Robert J. DiYanni Pace University
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For an undergraduate introductory level course in humanities.
An introduction to the world’s major civilizations.

This Fourth Edition is an introduction to the world’s major civilizations–to their artistic achievements, their history, and their cultures. Through an integrated approach to the humanities, Arts and Culture offers an opportunity to view works of art, read literature, and listen to music in historical and cultural contexts. In studying the humanities, we focus our attention on works of art, literature, and music that reflect and embody the central values and beliefs of particular cultures and specific historical moments.

13. Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy
14. Renaissance in Northern Europe
15. Baroque Age
16. Eighteenth Century
17. Romanticism and Realism
18. Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
19. Later Chinese Civilization
20. Later Japanese Civilization
21. Later Africa and Latin America
22. Early Twentieth Century
23. Mid-Twentieth Century and Later
24. Diversity in Contemporary Life

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