Business Ethics, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (July 8, 2009) © 2010

  • Andrew Wicks
  • R Edward Freeman University of Virginia
  • Patricia H. Werhane University of Virginia
  • Kirsten E. Martin


ISBN-13: 9780131427921
Business Ethics
Published 2009


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For undergraduate business ethics courses.
The ethical training business students need to be successful in today’s challenging business world.
Recent scandals have created a mistrust that has spread through the entire business sector, jeopardizing public confidence in the stock market and economy. Now more than ever, it’s important for students to understand the moral foundations, rules, and implications that are vital to the core of business. Business Ethics 1e presents an in-depth introduction of business ethics that emphasizes the role of ethics as a critical part to management success.


Chapter 1
The Language of EthicsCases: Competitive Advantage
Yahoo! And Customer PrivacyChapter 2
A Look At The Sources Of Ethical Problems In Business And How To Prevent Them Cases: Parable of the Sadhu
Marge Norman and Miniscribe Corporation
Chapter 3
Ethics, Stakeholders, Corporate Strategy, and Value CreationCases: Merck & Co., Inc.
Chapter 4
Business Ethics in the Global Marketplace Appendix: List of Industry Benchmarks and International Agreements
Davis Press and Meccan Madness
Questionable Payments
GE Healthcare in India: An (Ultra)Sound Strategy?PART II: ETHICS IN THE FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF BUSINESS

Chapter 5
LeadershipCases: American Apparel (A)
Jeri Caldwell at MOEX, Inc. (A & B)Chapter 6
Marketing/OperationsCases: Fingerhut’s Price Strategy & Epilogue
Wal-Mart in 2005 Chapter 7
Accounting/ FinanceCases: No-Tel (A & B)
Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. (A & B)Chapter 8
ManagementCases: Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand (A, B & C)
Diversity Vignettes; Professor Emma Pover (A & B); Fred SmithPART III: SPECIAL TOPICS IN ETHICS
Chapter 9
Environmental Sustainability and Its Challenges to Management Cases: ExxonMobil and the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline
Walden Paddlers Chapter 10
Managing on the Ethical FrontierCases: Monsanto and the Development of Genetically Modified Seeds
Danville Airlines
Make Mine a Russian Shorthair

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