Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success, 1st edition

Published by FT Press (February 17, 2008) © 2008

  • William J. Poorvu


ISBN-13: 9780132434539
Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success
Published 2008


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There are plenty of "get rich quick in real estate" books: this is not one of them. Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth about finding the right path to success and building a sustained lifetime of success.  Author William J. Poorvu, is a lifelong real estate entrepreneur and consultant and the Harvard Business School's instructor in real estate. Drawing on his experience working with hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs, Poorvu illuminates every stage of "life" in real estate: creating wealth, growing it, and using it successfully. Poorvu reveals the milestones, pitfalls, and rewards associated with real estate entrepreneurship, offering powerful insight into the challenges and opportunities that will be faced as one starts out... scales up... rides the industry's cyclical waves of change... and then leverages, shares, or passes along the wealth created. Poorvu shows how to choose the entry points and roles; how to spot and respond to opportunities; and how to lead a real estate business to success. Included are dozens of case studies, hands-on checklists, and questions to guide the choices and offer unparalleled insight into how the real estate industry really works.

        Acknowledgements viii

        About the Author x

    Introduction: The Many Paths to Success 1

PART I: Starting Out 7

    Chapter 1: The Starting Line 9

    Chapter 2: Finding a Focus 25

    Chapter 3: Moguls in the Making 45

PART II: Scaling Up 59

    Chapter 4: Five Good Questions 61

    Chapter 5: Good Moves 77

    Chapter 6: Grand Visions 101

PART III: Hedging Your Bets 123

    Chapter 7: X Factors 125

    Chapter 8: Broken-Field Running 141

    Chapter 9: Moving the Fleet 165

PART IV: Taking Stock 193

    Chapter 10: Your Business and You 195

    Chapter 11: Your Business and Your Family 209

    Chapter 12: Looking Forward, Looking Back 229

        Index 249


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