Maritime Structural Fitter, Level 3, 1st edition

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Trainee Guide: $97 978-0-13-375044-7 Instructor’s Guide: $97 978-0-13-375113-0



All of the modules listed below are included in the Trainee

Guide and the Instructor’s Guide. The following ISBN and

pricing information is for ordering individual modules only.


Advanced Structural Print Reading (40 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-414487-0 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-414488-7 (Module ID 86301-15) Focuses on learning to interpret ship construction drawings, ranging from the highest level general arrangement drawing to the lowest level piece-part drawing. Includes a set of drawings.


Fitting Three (80 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-414489-4 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-414490-0 (Module ID 86302-15) Provides an overview of the ship construction process, from the lowest subassembly to the erection of the vessel itself. Illustrates laying out the locations of equipment and structural members, installing the equipment and structural members, and the use of leveling and alignment equipment.


GMAW and FCAW — Equipment and Filler Metals (10 Hours) (Module ID 29205-09; from Welding Level Two) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214147-5 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214121-5


GMAW and FCAW — Plate (80 Hours) (Module ID 29206-09; from Welding Level Two) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214113-0 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214157-4


Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Metals (7.5 Hours) (Module ID 29203-09; from Welding Level Two) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214145-1 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-214119-2


Fundamentals of Crew Leadership (20 Hours) (Module ID 46101-11; see p. 69) Trainee $43 ISBN 978-0-13-414493-1 Instructor $43 ISBN 978-0-13-414492-4


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