Sprinkler Fitting, Level 4, 4th edition

Published by Pearson (February 4, 2023) © 2024


ISBN-13: 9780138065355
Sprinkler Fitting, Level 4
Published 2023


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Sprinkler Fitting, Trainee Guide, is the most comprehensive apprenticeship training in the fire sprinkler industry. It targets the most relevant job skills, while bringing you up to date with the latest fire sprinkler codes. Developed with the American Fire Sprinkler Association, the Level 4 guide covers “big picture” competencies, including system layout, procedures and documentation, inspection and maintenance, and, in the new edition, crew leadership.

The 4th Edition series was revised by leading educators, contractors and manufacturers in the fire sprinkler industry. Its new objectives-driven instructional design is built around job skills and practical knowledge, and it reflects the latest products, technology and best practices.

In this edition, the most relevant job skills are targeted, and content has been simplified to apply to sprinkler fitter job tasks more directly. Also, the module Fundamentals of Crew Leadership was added to provide front-line leadership training for fourth-year apprentices.


  1. System Layout (18401)
  2. Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (18402)
  3. Special Extinguishing Systems (18403)
  4. Fundamentals of Crew Leadership (46101)
  5. Procedures and Documentation (18405)

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