Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Disabilities, 11th edition

Published by Pearson (May 7, 2024) © 2025

  • Sharon R. Vaughn University of Texas at Austin
  • Candace S. Bos Late of University of Texas at Austin


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For courses in special education.

Methods for working effectively with students who have learning and behavior disabilities

Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Disabilities prepares teachers to meet elementary and secondary students' needs in a variety of settings. It builds a foundation with information about general teaching and learning approaches, then turns to specific content areas such as reading, math, oral and written expression, and social and study skills.

The 11th Edition enhances coverage of behavioral disabilities, diversity, cultural responsiveness and equity and reflects the latest research on PBIS, explicit instruction, applied behavior analysis, RTI, MTSS, and more.

Hallmark features of this title

  • Apply the Concept and Evidence-Based Practice features gives special educators hands-on classroom implementations in reading, writing, content areas and mathematics that are proven successful for all students, including those with learning and behavior disabilities.
  • Instructional Activities focus on particular grade levels and provide the starting point for lessons in a range of content areas.
  • Media Resources highlight websites, software and other technologies that assist with instruction and student learning.

New and updated features of this title

  • NEW: Increased coverage of behavioral disabilities throughout the text and in a new feature, Apply the Concept: Behavior.
  • NEW: Increased coverage of diversity, cultural responsiveness, and equity throughout the text and in features content includes a discussion of racial inequities in school disciplinary actions, new research on equity-based PBIS, and more.
  • UPDATED/NEW: Additional content on PBIS, explicit instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis, RTI, and MTSS reflects the most relevant research and current information.
  • UPDATED: Key research and practice opportunities are incorporated throughout the text, including new high-leverage practices, ideas for teaching English language learners, student self-evaluation and goal setting, mathematics instruction and more.
  • UPDATED: Strategies infused throughout the text reflect current knowledge and research in areas such as coteaching and collaboration, working with older elementary and intermediate students, and more.

The LMS-Compatible Assessment Bank streamlines assignments and grading

  • NEW: Learning objective quizzes, chapter tests and application exercises are included in an LMS-compatible packaged file. Application exercises in each chapter use a short-answer format and issue a model response written by experts.

Features of Pearson+ eTextbook for the 11th Edition

  • Video Examples, including authentic classroom videos and interviews with experts in the field, expand on principles or concepts in each chapter, helping put the reading into context.
  • The Interactive Glossary lets students quickly build their professional vocabulary as they read.

PART I: Understanding and Planning Instruction for Students with Learning and Behavior Disabilities

  1. Monitoring and Teaching for Understanding
  2. Approaches to Learning and Teaching
  3. Response to Intervention and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports
  4. Managing Behavior and Promoting Social-Emotional Learning
  5. Co-teaching, Collaborating, and Differentiating Instruction: Working with Professionals and Families

PART II: Instructing Students with Learning and Behavior Disabilities

  1. Assessing and Teaching Oral Language
  2. Assessing and Teaching Reading: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Word Recognition
  3. Assessing and Teaching Reading: Fluency and Comprehension
  4. Assessing and Teaching Writing and Spelling
  5. Assessing and Teaching Content-Area Learning and Vocabulary
  6. Assessing and Teaching Mathematics

About our author

Sharon Vaughn, PhD, University of Arizona, holds the H. E. Hartfelder/Southland Corporation Regents Chair in Human Development and is the executive director of the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk at the University of Texas. She is a recipient of the CEC Research Award and the AERA Special Education SIG distinguished researcher award. She was the editor in chief of the Journal of Learning Disabilities and the coeditor of Learning Disabilities Research and Practice. Dr. Vaughn is the author of numerous books and research articles that address the reading and social outcomes of students with learning difficulties, including Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, and At Risk in the General Education Classroom with Jeanne Schumm and Candace Bos. Currently, she is the principal or coprincipal investigator on several Institute for Education Science, National Institute for Child Health and Human Development and Office of Special Education Programs research grants investigating effective interventions for students with learning disabilities and behavior problems as well as students who are English language learners.

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