Choosing the right assessment

We have a selection of assessments aligned to the Global Scale of English, each one designed to suit each age and stage. You can be safe in the knowledge that the assessment content is appropriate and relevant in order to support the learner journey and help students progress.

Preparing your students for assessment is an important part of the learning journey. For example, you may want to gauge the current English language skills of your students in class, prior to planning your curriculum, select an assessment to track progress throughout a course or prepare students for a formal certification.


Pearson English Placement Test

The assessments include:

Pearson Test of English (Academic)

Trusted by universities and governments around the world, PTE Academic is the leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration.


Progress shows student development within any English course. Offered across eight levels, Progress offers three tests per level, designed for use at the beginning, middle and end of a course, helping to inform teaching. 


Pearson English Placement delivers instant results from a 35 minute online test. It assesses students' listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills, giving an overall score on the Global Scale of English.

Assessment time?

Read our assessment frameworks, which draw on a range of research to define the speaking and writing proficiency of learners.

Each framework - specific to adult or young learners - provides descriptors intended to support teachers in their formal and informal assessments, and are best used in alongside the GSE Learning Objectives.

For Young Learners

For Adults

Try our score converter tool!

Do you already know your learners’ CEFR, TOEIC or another recognized English qualification score? You can use our Global Scale of English score converter to find out a comparative GSE score.