Choosing the right assessment

From placing a student in the right class for their level, all the way through to the launch of a new life through English, we have the perfect assessment for every stage of the learning journey. 

Our tests are designed to place students in the right class, benchmark their progress, certify their achievements and verify their English for high stakes purposes, such as university entry and migration. Each test we produce is built with the input of teaching and assessment experts, and test-takers themselves.  

Our assessments can be used alongside any course but work perfectly with Pearson English courseware. Underpinned by the Global Scale of English (GSE), this complete language learning system has the confidence of teachers and students around the world. 

Pearson English Placement Test

The assessments include:

Pearson Test of English (Academic)

Trusted by universities and governments around the world, PTE Academic is the leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration.


The Benchmark Test from Pearson English takes the time, complexity and subjectivity out of the assessment process, making it easy to measure real progress, fast. Use the Benchmark Test alongside any English course to smooth and accelerate the journey to fluency.


The Pearson English Level Test removes the time, stress and risk of human error involved in first day testing. It gives you the accurate, at-a-glance data you need to understand your students’ needs, both individually and as a group. 

Assessment and the GSE

Read our new 2021 assessment framework documents, which draw on a range of research to define the proficiency of learners across the four skills. 

Each framework - specific to adult or young learners - provides descriptors to support teachers in their formal and informal assessments and are best used alongside the GSE Learning Objectives.

For Young Learners

Try our score converter tool!

Do you already know your learners’ CEFR, TOEIC or another recognized English qualification score? You can use our Global Scale of English score converter to find out a comparative GSE score.

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