What does the GSE Teacher Toolkit contain?

The GSE Teacher Toolkit is a free tool which contains a global standard of reference developed by Pearson over a number of years in collaboration with teachers, ELT authors and language experts from around the world. This online, searchable database includes:

  • The Global Scale of English.
  • Over 2,000 GSE Learning Objectives: search by learner type, skill or CEFR/GSE level.
  • Over 450 GSE Grammar Objectives: search by grammatical category, structure or CEFR/GSE level.
  • 39,000 Vocabulary items (including more than 3,000 YL words) and 80,000 collocations: search by topic, grammatical category or CEFR/GSE level.
  • Over 200 jobs linked to GSE Learning Objectives: search by job family or occupation.

The Global Scale of English gives programme managers/curriculum developers something concrete to work from. It provides a tested and reliable framework upon which to build a curriculum.

Autumn Westphal, Head of Teacher Training, Rennert International School, New York, USA

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