Authors Iwonna Dubicka and Margaret O'Keeffe presented a series of webinars exploring Business Partner and the nature of employability in today's world, and the need for improving soft skills alongside learners' English language skills. Watch the videos here.

Becoming and staying employable in today's workplace 

Finding and retaining a job in today's workplace is tough. This webinar looks at how Business Partner helps learners develop their language skills in a business context, and develops their business and essential soft skills so that they become and stay employable.

How to teach business English at lower levels

English, as we all know, is the global language of business so more people than ever need it in their jobs today. This webinar looks at how we can help lower level English students develop their communication and language skills for work.

First classes with Business Partner

In this webinar, we will look at how to use video and tasks effectively in Business Partner. We will highlight key features of the coursebook, focussing on first classes when practising listening and language in a business environment, as well as communication skills.

What are employability skills?

Employers are looking for skills that go beyond academic qualifications and work experience. This workshop explores the main employability skills that are in high demand in many areas of work today.

Building communication skills to boost employability

Employers are increasingly looking for communication (or soft) skills in their potential employees. These transferable skills, which can be used in a wide variety of jobs, include influencing, establishing rapport, building relationships, working in teams, and making decisions.

In this webinar, author Marjorie Rosenberg will explore how Business Partner teaches these skills, both explicitly in the skills lessons and incorporated into other lessons and the case studies.

Building business skills to boost employability

Business skills including presenting, negotiating, taking part in and managing meetings, dealing with difficult negotiations and making sales are skills that employers welcome.

In this webinar, author Marjorie Rosenberg will explore how Business Partner builds these practical skills needed to boost learners' employability and career prospects.