Components & ISBNs

Market Leader Extra includes a number of components for both students and teachers, including added materials to supplement the course. You can also find ISBNs here.

Student components 

  • 16 pages of business skills in each level: negotiation, presentation, writing emails, telephoning and teleconferencing, small talk, meetings and interviews
  • Authentic texts from the Financial Times and other sources develop reading skills and provide essential business vocabulary
  • Interviews with business people and experts develop listening skills, such as prediction, listening for specific information and note taking
  • Language Work develops students’ awareness of common problem areas and introduces grammatical concepts
  • Open discussion exercises for groups and pairs
  • Skills section for teaching career-related skills
  • Useful Language Box provides phrases for role play situations in the workplace
  • Case study discussions on the unit topic (with commentaries on the DVD-ROM).Working Across Cultures sections develop cultural awareness. Four revisions units in each Course Book
  • Working Across Cultures sections develop cultural awareness
  • Four revisions units in each Course Book


  • Videos and worksheets to accompany the Course Book
  • All 12 interviews from the Course Book, with optional subtitles, expose students to natural, authentic speech
  • Self-study practice activities allow students to revisit problem areas and reinforce classwork
  • Activities provide language-recycling opportunities with instant, personalised feedback
  • iGlossary - a digital mini-dictionary that provides definitions and pronunciations of all the key words listed in the Course Book

Teacher components 

  • The Text Bank – two extra Financial Times reading texts per unit, followed by comprehension and vocabulary exercises
  • The Resource Bank – provides photocopiable, worksheet-based, communication activities
  • Listening Bank – extra activities based on each Course Book listening interview
  • Speaking Bank – extra activities based on each skills section
  • Writing Bank – model answers to the Course Book writing tasks, together with additional writing exercises

The Test Master CD-ROM is an assessment resource to accompany the course.

  • Digital, editable versions of the Test File tests with accompanying audio files enable tailored assessment
  • 12 further unit tests to assess students’ development in the Vocabulary Language Review and Skills Section of their corresponding units
  • Full answer keys and audio scripts make marking the tests straightforward


  Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced
Coursebook w/ DVD-ROM 9781292134758 9781292134796 9781292134772 9781292134819 9781292135274
Coursebook w/ DVD-ROM & MyEnglishLab 9781292134741 9781292134789 9781292134765 9781292134802 9781292134734
Coursebook & Practice File Flexi A  9781292126081 9781292126128 9781292126104 9781292126142 9781292126067
Coursebook & Practice File Flexi B  9781292126098 9781292126135 9781292126111 9781292126159 9781292126074
Coursebook eBook Access Code* 9781292361215 9781292361192 9781292361208 9781292361185 9781292361222
Coursebook eBook w/ MyEnglishLab Access Code* 9781292366548 9781292366531 9781292366524 9781292366517 9781292366500
MyEnglishLab Access Code* 9781292366777 9781292366760 9781292366753 9781292366746 9781292366739
ActiveTeach 9781292124551 9781292124667 9781292124605 9781292124711 9781292124506
Class Audio CD  9781292124582 9781292124681 9781292124636 9781292124735 9781292124537
Teacher's Book w/ Test Master CD-ROM  9781408279212 9781408279229 9781408249499 9781408268032 9781408268025
Practice File w/ CD  9781408237069 9781408237083 9781408236963 9781408237106 9781408237045
Test File  9781408219720 9781408219904 9781408219812 9781408219997 9781408219638
Coursebook and eBook w/ MyEnglishLab, Digital Resources & DVD Forthcoming  Forthcoming  Forthcoming  Forthcoming  Forthcoming 

* = our newest components