Real-life stories put English in context 

Project Success involves adult learners in real-life business situations. This engaging video-based program develops creative and critical thinking skills, and promotes selfdirected learning. Inspiring stories illustrate the skills and competencies adult English language learners need in their lives and careers.

  • A series of 170 videos models situational language, employment and educational skills.
  • Video-based lessons expose students to a variety of workplace and personal situations.
  • The course develops transferable academic and workplace skills for success beyond the classroom.
project success


American English Intro Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Studetn's Book w/ MyEnglish Lab & eText 9780132942362 9780132482974 9780132942386 9780132942409  9780132942423  9780132985130
ActiveTeach 9780132942379  9780132985185  9780132942393  9780132942416  9780132985154  9780132985161
Placement Test 9780133787276 9780133787276 9780133787276 9780133787276 9780133787276 9780133787276

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