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Why choose Longman dictionaries?

  • Easy to use and understand: Our learner dictionaries use commonly used words to make understanding easy, whatever your level.
  • Improve communication skills: Our learner dictionaries help you learn vocabulary and understand words in context.
  • Develop natural English: Our learner dictionaries use definitions and include whole, authentic English sentences.
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What makes Longman dictionaries better?

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  • Unlike free online dictionaries our definitions use common words
  • Clear definitions use the Longman Defining Vocabulary of 2,000 words
  • Easy to understand definitions, whatever your level
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  • Meanings organized by frequency
  • Common meanings come first
  • A quicker way to find the meanings you are looking for

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Longman Corpus

  • We guide you to the right meaning - fast!
  • Meanings are summarized with words or short phrases
  • Helps you find words with multiple meanings
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Academic Word List

  • Highlighted words from the Academic Word List help you focus on relevant, academic vocabulary
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Topic Vocabulary

  • Topic specific words are labeled
  • Helps you find the exact meaning for the context you want
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Example Sentences

  • Corpus-based examples show authentic and natural English
  • Words are shown in context
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  • Frequent, common word combinations are highlighted
  • Collocations help improve fluency so you can express yourself naturally
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  • Synonyms have definitions and example sentences, helping learners expand their vocabulary
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Grammar explained

  • Key grammar explanations help you write and speak correctly


Longman Communication 9000

Research shows you need to know roughly 9000 word families to understand a wide variety of authentic texts. Based on the latest research Longman have now created a list of the 9000 most frequent words in English – the Longman Communication 9000.

  • How it works: The Longman Communication 9000 is divided into three bands of high, medium and lower frequency words.
  • Learner focused: The Longman Communication 9000 represents the core of the English language. It shows you which words are the most important to learn for effective communication.
  • Longman Communication in practice: The Longman Communication 9000 has been developed from the Longman Communication 3000, which features the 3000 highest frequency words and is still used in some of our dictionaries.
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Longman Dictionary Contemporary English App

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