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As the bestselling exam series for nearly two decades and trusted by teachers everywhere, Gold has helped over 8 million students worldwide to succeed in their Cambridge English exams.

Gold takes students from Preliminary to Advanced level, helping build their confidence and develop natural speaking skills in English every step of the way.

  • Four-Level English course for Students preparing for Cambridge exams
  • Suitable for students from Preliminary to Advanced 

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A fun and communicative course 

Gold is a fun and communicative course which is light on the page but thorough in its preparation, and helps take some of the pressure out of a serious subject.

Providing enjoyable, communicative classes with a strong emphasis on personalisation, Gold continues to be the popular choice for teachers around the world. 

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Support for teachers

Gold combines interesting topics and thorough language and skills development with exam support. It offers structured work for your students on how to approach the exam, with advice for you on how to teach for exams.

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Explaining exam details

Gold's focus is on preparing for exams, as well as developing language skills. It offers support on how to approach different task types, and offers helpful exam hints throughout the course.

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Engaging mixed-ability classes

Gold prepares students for serious exams while keeping your classroom fun and communicative. With genuinely interesting texts alongside lots of opportunity for discussions and a chance to talk about real life experiences, Gold is a great way to engage your classroom. 

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