Cutting Edge is a communicative course with a task-based
approach that helps students achieve their goals.

The contextualized practice of grammar and vocabulary makes the learning process more memorable and engaging. A wide range of contemporary topics and video materials help students discover English in the context of the modern world.

Levels: 6 levels | Language: British English

Authors: Sarah Cunningham & Peter Moor

Co-authors: Araminta Crace & Jonathan Bygrave

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The task-based approach focuses learners on the skills areas they need to practice, improving their learning outcomes and giving them a sense of achievement. Students build their confidence by learning from the models and then doing the tasks.


Help your students discover real-life functional language with the video and audio clips. Language is presented in contexts and situations that students come across in everyday life.


World Culture lessons encourage students to investigate global issues and actively participate in classroom discussions.



What's new?

Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that has made previous editions of the course so popular.

Engaging texts, new video content and a comprehensive digital package are just some of the features that make this fully revised edition even more effective. New features include Language Live and World Culture lessons that actively encourage students to expand their knowledge of global issues and participate in classroom discussions.

Keep students motivated with striking design and fresh new content

  • New World Culture DVD lessons encourage the discussion of contemporary global issues and provide greater authenticity and a more international perspective.
  • New writing lessons help students with emails, letters, reports, etc.
  • The ActiveTeach with interactive whiteboard tools, DVD, audio, transcripts, dictionary and additional resources aid heads up learning.

Help students improve more quickly with more practice and better reference tools

  • The new Study, Practice, Remember section at the back of the book provides integrated language summaries and practice exercises.
  • The Student DVD with audio and video plus transcripts allow learners to review the lessons and catch up if they miss a class.
  • The new feedback functionality and exercises in MyEnglishLab give students greater control of their learning.

Reduce preparation time with improved design and navigation

  • Double-page lesson spreads with clear aims and objectives linked to CEFR and the Global Scale of English. Can Do statements helps you plan lessons more effectively.
  • Make full use of the course package with clearer sign posting and cross-referencing to other components.
  • Detailed, user-friendly contents maps help you plan lessons quickly.