Future Second Edition

Since it was first published, Future has helped over half a million students learn English and achieve their personal, career, and educational goals.

Now in its second edition, this effective six-level program continues to address the diverse needs of adult learners, equipping them with transferable academic, workplace, and English communication skills.

Now with: Enable students to complete activities and access media wherever they are with an interactive Student's Book.

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  • Language: American English
  • Levels: Intro - Advanced | Beginning - Low-Advanced 
    • Intro GSE 18 - 28 
    • Level 1 GSE 21 - 32 
    • Level 2 GSE 29 - 39 
    • Level 3 GSE 35 - 45 
    • Level 4 GSE 45 - 55 
    • Advanced GSE 54 - 65 
  • Series Consultants: Sarah Lynn, Ronna Magy, and Federico Salas-Isnardi

Key features

  • Supports the goals of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Aligned to the new NRS level descriptors
  • Helps students develop the basic literacy and language skills identified in the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) 
  • Provides students with contextualized English language instruction that will lead them to success in workplace, life, and academic settings
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One integrated program

Future provides everything you and your English language learners need in one integrated program using the latest digital tools and time-tested print resources.

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Integrated skills contextualized with rich content

Future presents grammar, listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, and vocabulary through meaningful activities that simulate real workplace, educational, and community contexts. While providing relevant content, Future helps build learner knowledge and equips adults for their many roles.

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Meeting work, life, and education goals

Future recognizes that every adult brings unique work, life, and academic experiences, as well as a distinct skill set to your class. With its diverse array of print and digital resources, Future provides learners with multiple opportunities to practice with contextualized materials to build skill mastery. Specialized lessons for academic and workplace skill development are also part of Future’s broad array of print and digital resources.

Digital resources

What's new

  • Updated content exposes students to language and concepts used in workplace, school, and community settings.
  • More workplace vocabulary and skills, and functional language prepare learners for career success.
  • New content-rich readings with level-appropriate text complexity build content knowledge, introduce academic vocabulary, and require learners to analyze text and cite evidence to extend their learning.
  • New writing lessons focus on analyzing models, brainstorming, organizing ideas, and synthesizing unit learning into well-organized writing outcomes.
  • New Soft Skills at Work lessons help learners develop essential social and cultural skills, critical to career advancement and success.
  • Increased rigor built into all lessons at every level challenges learners to analyze, evaluate, predict, infer, and problem-solve.
  • Enhanced unit goals and lesson objectives ensure learners track and reflect on their own progress.
future second edition
future second edition

Other highlights

  • Latest digital tools help develop students’ digital skills
  • Research-based teaching strategies provide creative solutions for all stages of lesson planning and implementation
  • Comprehensive digital and print resources for teachers enhance classroom instruction and simplify lesson planning
  • Correlations to standards guide and support teachers in aligning their instruction with current standards
  • Mapped to the Global Scale of English

Future grows with your students

Future takes learners from absolute beginner level through low-advanced English proficiency, addressing learners’ abilities and learning priorities at each level. As the levels progress, the curricular content and unit structure change accordingly, with the upper levels incorporating more advanced academic language and skills.

Future Intro

Future Level 1

Future Level 2

Future Level 3

Future Level 4

Future Advanced

NRS  Beginning ESL Literacy


ELPS Level 1

CCRS Level A

CASAS 180 and below

NRS Low Beginning ESL


ELPS Level 1

CCRS Level A

CASAS 181-190


NRS High Beginning ESL


ELPS Level 2

CCRS Level A

CASAS 191-200


NRS Low Intermediate ESL


ELPS Level 3

CCRS Level B

CASAS 201-210


NRS High Intermediate ESL


ELPS Level 4

CCRS Level C

CASAS 211-220


NRS Advanced ESL


ELPS Advanced

CCRS Level D

CASAS 221-235


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