Standard Correlations

Skills for the future

Future’s curriculum closely aligns to WIOA, NRS, English Language Proficiency, and College and Career Readiness Standards. The skills and competencies are fully and seamlessly integrated in every lesson of the program, equipping learners with higher order skills in order to achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals.

The new NRS functioning level descriptors are organized into three modalities: interpretive, productive, and interactive. Future develops all three at every level.

Interpretive: Content-rich listening and reading activities develop skills to understand, process, and interpret written and oral language delivered in a variety of contexts and genres.

Productive: Engaging speaking and writing activities at each level challenge learners to produce meaningful spoken and written language in a variety of contexts, developing their productive skills.

Interactive: Future offers an abundance of interactive activities that allow learners to engage in conversations, discussions, and exchanges of ideas, as well as gathering and summarizing information.