Core Curriculum

Future targets essential English communication skills that are necessary for success in a variety of contexts--workplace, community, and academic.

future second edition

Workplace and life skills

Every level of Future has two units on employment (one on how to get employment and one on how to keep it). In addition, there is an increased focus on workplace settings throughout the lessons.

To be active participants in the community, every adult needs digital, numeracy, and critical thinking skills, as well as civics skills. Future develops all of these in both print and digital components.

future second edition

Soft skills at work

Soft skills are the critical interpersonal communication skills needed to succeed in any workplace. In its second edition, Future has further enhanced its development of workplace skills by adding a Soft Skill at Work lesson to every unit.

future second edition

Academic skills

Rigor and respect for the ability and experiences of the adult learner have always been central values in Future. In its second edition, Future emphasizes rigor by highlighting the critical thinking and problem solving skills required in each activity. Based on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, each activity is labeled with the thinking skill that students are asked to use.

New writing lessons focus on analyzing models, brainstorming, organizing ideas, and synthesizing unit learning into well-organized writing outcomes.

New content-rich readings with level-appropriate text complexity build content knowledge, introduce academic vocabulary, and require learners to analyze text and cite evidence to extend their learning.