Presenting your ideas in English

Impact Issues builds learner fluency and confidence through “high impact” activities. Through stimulating content and personalized tasks, learners can discuss real ideas and present original ideas.

  • Levels: 3
  • Language: American English
  • Suitable for: Young adult and adult learners 
  • Presentation and discussion skills

Why choose Impact Issues?

Impact Issues is based on a collection of 20 highly engaging topics that spark critical thinking and meaningful discussion.

Each unit:

  • has a step-by-step support and language practice 
  • deepens students’ understanding of topics
  • helps them express personal points of view, have animated interactions, and give meaningful presentations

Learning Philosophy

The Impact Issues series has developed a unique “deep learning” approach to language acquisition. Often, communicative activities disappoint because of the focus on obvious ideas and superficial information exchange. The Impact series uses carefully chosen topics that engage students more deeply. The focus on personally meaningful and socially relevant themes produces a highly engaging form of learning.

impact issues pearson english

Deep learning

Simply knowing the meaning of words and sentences does not automatically produce deeper understanding. That requires active language processing and personal engagement with content. Students gain familiarity with the issues, get to know the characters involved, reflect on a variety of opinions, and develop a personal connection to the issues. Deep learning is meaningful learning.

impact issues pearson english


Learning a foreign language is challenging. We must engage with others using limited tools of understanding and self-expression. These learning demands can easily produce resistance. The Impact series introduces a range of stimulating topics that fully engage students from the outset. At the same time, each unit offers structured support to provide security. This approach reduces resistance, increases engagement, and leads to deep learning.

impact issues pearson english


Language learning is both personal and communal. Learners gain a sense of participating in the larger community of English speakers as it exists around the world, and a sense of solidarity with other learners, turning language learning into an intercultural experience.

impact issues pearson english


Presenting your ideas in English is an essential part of the Impact Issues approach. Students share his or her unique point of view about the unit theme—the key is for the students to focus on their personal content and connection to their audience, regardless of its size. Students build both proficiency and confidence as they develop their own “voice.”

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