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New Language Leader is the ideal choice for universities or university pathway institutions looking to develop rounded, high-flying students.

  • The brand new edition of the five-level English language course
  • For pre-university and university adult students
  • Covering CEF A1 to C1

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What is it?

With a good balance of general and academic English, New Language Leader develops knowledge and skills that students need to learn and succeed in a globalized world. Contemporary topics stimulate discussions and develop critical thinking. Study skills and materials embedded in every unit offer your students a ready-made “how to succeed in my studies” toolkit.

We asked David Cotton, an author of New Language Leader, to share what inspired him to create the course and how New Language Leader can make you a legendary teacher.

Why choose New Language Leader?

Develop English and exam skills

The key to success is a general English syllabus combined with academic English and exam preparation. This way, students prepare for tests while developing a good general English base for future academic studies. Assessment spreads develop the necessary skills needed at the popular university admission exams. Teacher’s notes also contain suggestions on how to tailor material for exams-focused classes.

Authentic material

With New Language Leader you don’t need to look for extra support anymore. The course offers a variety of authentic materials that familiarize students with real English expressions and scenarios. “Meet the Experts” videos provide genuine interviews with real professionals who have interesting careers and share their experiences with learners. “Study Skills” videos provide ready-made guidance for academic success.

Student engagement

New Language Leader provides a range of contemporary topics including business and global affairs, crime, travel, education, the environment, health, society values, science and engineering, sports, communication and globalization. These are familiar topics that students see in the news and online, which can stimulate discussion and develop critical thinking, and students learn how to construct logical arguments in English.

21st Century Skills

It is not just about learning English anymore. To be successful in the modern academic environment students need to develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, text analysis, and digital literacies. Each lesson of New Language Leader has activities focused on reinforcing these competencies.

Teaching support

With the latest generation of MyEnglishLab, you can delegate some of your teaching routine to this smart technology. Automated marking helps you to be more efficient with your time. Gradebook gives you a summary of the areas in which individuals need more practice.

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