Teaching Roadmap online

Roadmap comes with digital tools that you can use alongside your video conferencing platform to create lessons for teaching online. With the right tools in place and adapting your teaching to the online environment you will be able to deliver effective lessons that continue to engage learners.

How to teach Roadmap online

This complete guide is a treasure trove of hints and tips on how to teach online, with specific guidance for Roadmap.

It takes you through the tools available to teachers of Roadmap, covers video conferencing tools for teaching, FAQs on common problems teachers face online, and then provides a detailed lesson plan, going through each individual activity and how to teach it effectively. 

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How to teach Roadmap online videos

In these videos, Roadmap author Lindsay Warwick takes you through all aspects of teaching online. 

Teaching with Roadmap online

Watch Lindsay explain how to get the most out of your video conferencing platform.

Digital tools for Roadmap

Let Lindsay guide you through the using the Presentation Tool, teacher resources and MyEnglishLab online.

How to teach remotely with Roadmap

Watch Lindsay demonstrate how to give a lesson online using her video conferencing tools and the Presentation Tool. 

Roadmap digital tools

Roadmap comes with a range of digital tools for students and teachers.


  • Presentation Tool
  • Teacher resources
  • MyEnglishLab


  • Reader+ ebook
  • Student resources
  • Mobile app
  • MyEnglishLab

Watch these videos to find out more about the tools, and how they can help you in your teaching.

Presentation Tool

Teacher resources

Mobile app


Remote teaching resources

Handy guide to teaching online

Lindsay's guidelines will help you start teaching online, from choosing the right tools to engaging your learners in online lessons.

We offer a wide range of support on teaching online, including how to adapt your classroom teaching practices for online lessons.