Please join us in a series of author webinars as we explore our innovative, new general English course for adults, Roadmap. In each webinar, the authors will focus on a different aspect of the course, show you how it's innovative, and how it can help you support your learners to progress successfully along their language journey.

Catch up

Starting a new course with Roadmap

Presented by co-author Hugh Dellar.

Starting a new class is always stressful, and starting a new class with a new book can be even more so. In this practical, hands-on talk, Hugh will look at some ways we can approach new classes, some first-day activities, and some ways of ensuring your students get the most out of the Roadmap series.

Building learner confidence with Roadmap

Presented by co-author Lindsay Warwick.

A lack of learner confidence can have a negative impact on learning. In this practical webinar, Lindsay will look at what that impact is and how we can try to avoid it by helping learners to make and recognize progress in their language skills, using a Roadmap lesson as an example. 

Finding the right route to develop your learners' skills

Presented by co-author Damian Williams.

How can we develop receptive and productive skills in the way that's right for our learners? In this webinar, Damian will look at communication skills, and the practical tools needed to develop each skill, including the sub-skills and strategies. He’ll then look at how Roadmap's dual-track approach offers the flexibility to fit your learners' needs.

The best laid plans - responding to learners’ changing needs with Roadmap

Presented by co-author Andrew Walkley.

One of the main benefits of using Roadmap in your classes is the flexibility it offers for teachers. In this practical webinar, Andrew will look at the options for planning ahead through the course, and how to respond to students’ changing needs.

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