Low Beginner

CEFR: A1 to A2 | GSE: 25-35

Scope & Sequence Level 1


English Course Side by Side Extra Student Book cover Level 1

Online Student Book

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Global Scale of English

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The Global Scale of English is a standardized, granular scale from 10 to 90, which measures English language proficiency. Unlike other frameworks, which describe attainment in broad bands, the Global Scale of English identifies what a learner can do at each point on the scale across speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

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Side by Side mapped to the Global Scale of English

Side by Side Correlation Chart

The scale is designed to motivate learners by demonstrating incremental, step-by-step progress in their language ability. So as a learner progresses through Side by Side:

  • 22 Reading – Can recognize the letters of the alphabet and order them (Level 1, Unit 1)
  • 36 Listening – Can extract key factual information such as prices, times, and dates from a recorded telephone message (Level 2, Unit 3)
  • 46 Writing – Can write descriptions of past events, activities, or personal experiences (Level 3, Unit 3)
  • 50 Speaking – Can talk about possible consequences of events (Level 4, Unit 2)