Side by Side goes Digital

The new eText – with digital audio and FunZone – expands the course and makes it flexible and fun for students to practice on their own.


The eText is a digital version of the Student Book that serves as the student’s virtual speaking-practice companion.

Flip the lesson plan by assigning conversation practice for students to complete outside of the classroom, so you can concentrate on other activities, such as games, discussion, brainstorming, and role-playing in class.

Notes and Bookmark tools enable students to customize their digital learning experience with the eText.


Welcome to the eText FunZone - a digital amusement park with attractions for every unit. Activities, games, videos, music, and animations offer your students fun and motivating reinforcement of each unit’s objectives.

English Course Side by Side Extra eText

Solve Crossword Puzzles using the innovative puzzle engine.

Test your strength at the Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading challenges.

Visit ToonTown for animation-based grammar activities.

Visit the Game Gallery to play Quiz Show, Concentration, and other games.

Stop by the Picture Booth for Flashcards practice and Picture/Word activities.

Don’t miss the music and videos at the ShowTime stage (levels 1 and 2 only).

What else is new?

Side by Side Extra promotes active communication between students through expanded lessons and a greater selection of activities and self-assessment. Updated components include lots of new features:

Student Book and eText (and optional Digital Audio CD)

  • Expanded grammar section with new Grammar Focus activities
  • New self-assessment pages, with vocabulary and grammar check-up tests and can-do functional communication reviews
English Course Side by Side Extra Student Book cover Level 1

Activity Workbook with Digital Audio CDs

  • New Gazette activities offer expanded vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing practice
  • New can-do activities strengthen functional communication skills
  • Now with digital audio
English Course Side by Side Extra Activity Workbook cover Level 2

Assessment Program

  • Additional items for listening, speaking, and writing to supplement existing unit, mid-level, and final tests
  • Assessment audio
  • Available as pdfs and editable Microsoft Word files

Available late 2016