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An updated version of the course that has helped more than 30 million students around the world learn English.

Side by Side Plus is a dynamic, all-skills program that builds students’ general language proficiency for life skill roles in the community, family, school, and at work.

  • Real-life communication practice that is student-centered, interactive, and fun
  • Focuses on all four skills
  • Standards-based lessons correlated to the CCRS, CASAS, BEST Plus, and other curriculum frameworks and assessment systems
  • Easy to use for students and teachers
  • Humorous and playful activities that enhance motivation
  • Intensive practice that leads to mastery

Language: American English

Suitable for: Low Beginner to High Intermediate

Authors: Bill Bliss and Steven J. Molinsky

Introducing the upgraded and expanded Side by Side Plus with new eText

  • New career and academic readiness content
  • Enhanced reading, writing, and numeracy practice
  • Expanded life skills activities
  • New functional communication practice
  • New Student eText for independent, self-paced practice

Read about the new eText and other enhancements

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Unique to Side by Side Plus

Career and Academic Readiness

New 'blue pages' develop basic career and academic readiness skills aligned with CCRS standards.

Language Arts lessons offer guided discourse practice in academic communication. Students learn to 'talk the talk' of the mainstream classroom.  Sample lesson

Readings about school subjects, work, and life skills build academic and career readiness while developing reading comprehension skills.  Sample lesson

Writing activities offer systematic instruction in the writing process: Pre-Writing, Organizing Ideas, Writing a First Draft, Revising, Proofreading, and Peer Conferencing.  Sample lesson

Life Skills and Test Prep

Each unit’s 'yellow pages' prepare students to succeed using English for life skills and on assessments.

Real-life conversation practice and teamwork activities promote interactive learning.  Sample lesson

Authentic realia and writing tasks offer real-life literacy practice.  Sample lesson

Check-up tests and skills checks enable students to assess their levels of achievement.  Sample lesson

Measure performance and motivate learners

Students can see how they are improving through chapter tests and skills checks in the Student Book. They can prepare for standardized English tests with the Test Prep Workbook. You can assess student achievement through placement, unit, mid-level, and final exams.

Teach off the page

Just open the book and teach. It’s that simple to use. No need for lots of preparation. The course is designed to be easy to use, so that you can maximize your teaching time. The light tone and humorous illustrations make it fun for you to teach and for students to learn from. Extensive photographs provide clear contexts and support vocabulary learning.

It's all about the student

The student-centered methodology and the course’s ease of use enable students to study outside of class. The magazine-style Gazette sections reinforce classroom instruction through high-interest feature articles and other activities that encourage learners to study on their own.

Get students talking quickly

The conversational approach gets your students, even beginners, communicating quickly. The guided conversations and structured dialogs encourage students to use their initiative and communicate among themselves, recycling language in each lesson.

Build a classroom community

Teamwork, critical thinking, and community activities promote cooperative learning, problem solving, and civics connections.

Keep your students learning

Lots of additional practice in the Student Book, Activity Workbook, Test Prep Workbook, Multilevel Activity Book, and the new eText provides a wealth of additional activities to reinforce and extend students learning.

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