Student Components

Student Book and eText with Digital Audio CD

  • Skill-integrated units focusing on all communication skills
  • Variety of grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, and communication activities
  • Personalization activities that get students to share information about their backgrounds, interests, and opinions
  • Standards-based life skills lessons aligned with key curriculum frameworks and assessment systems
  • New Reading and Writing Workshop sections for career and academic readiness:
    • Language arts academic discourse activities
    • Informational readings
    • Writing process lessons
  • Picture dictionary lessons for introducing unit vocabulary
  • Check-up tests and skills checks in all units
  • Gazette magazine sections with high-interest material for use in class and at home
  • Standard CD tracks for Gazette activities and mp3 audio files for major lesson features, including model conversations, readings, and Gazette activities (downloadable to a computer or audio player)
English Course Side by Side Plus Student Book cover Level 1


Use this digital tool to complement the program’s dynamic conversational approach. The eText supports students’ independent practice for self-paced learning.

  • Pages of the Student Book, with the complete audio program in embedded links, provide conversation, listening, pronunciation, reading, and Gazette practice
  • Notes and Bookmark tools enable students to add, receive and share notes, and bookmark pages to revisit them later
  • FunZone activities, games, videos, music, and animations reinforce each unit’s objectives:
    • Vocabulary flashcards
    • Skill building activities for vocabulary, grammar, reading, and life skills
    • GrammarToons animations with activities
    • GrammarRaps, GrammarSongs, and video segments with activities (Levels 1 and 2 only)


Side by Side eText FunZone

Activity Workbook with Digital Audio CDs

  • Vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and listening activities to reinforce and supplement Student Book lessons
  • New standards-based activities develop key life skills and career readiness competencies
  • New Gazette activities build reading and vocabulary skills
  • New numeracy lessons focus on real-life math skills and practice with word problems (Levels 1 and 2)
  • New can-do functional communication practices
  • Enhanced audio CDs containing standard CD tracks and mp3 files for all Workbook listening activities, GrammarRaps, and GrammarSongs for entertaining language practice through rhythm and music
English Course Side by Side Plus Activity Workbook cover Level 2

Test Prep Workbook with Digital Audio CD

  • Unit achievement tests provide focused coverage of life skills and employment competencies, assess student development, and prepare students for standardized tests
  • For use as test practice material or for actual student assessment
  • An enhanced audio CD contains all listening activities, for use in class or for students to listen to on their own for independent test practice
English Course Side by Side Plus Test Prep Workbook cover Level 3

Teacher Components

Teacher’s Guide with Multilevel Activity & Achievement Test Book and CD-ROM

  • An all-in-one teacher support package providing multilevel activities and an array of reproducible masters, worksheets, and tests to make lesson planning and teaching more straightforward
  • Step-by-step teaching strategies for every lesson – a widely-used resource for both new and experienced teachers
  • Language and culture notes that you can use for background knowledge and to share with students
  • Life Skills teaching strategies for effective standards-based instruction, including cooperative learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and civics connections
  • Multilevel expansion activities - including games, tasks, brainstorming, discussion, movement, drawing, miming, and role-playing - for students at all levels
  • Complete answer keys and listening activity scripts
  • Glossary
  • Multilevel Achievement & Activity Test Book:
    • Multilevel Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets offer differentiated practice for students of all levels
    • Life Skills Worksheets provide real-life reading and writing practice including forms, maps, classified ads, schedules, store ads, and medicine labels
    • Number Practice Worksheets (Levels 1 and 2) develop students’ numeracy skills through life-skill contexts
    • Gazette Worksheets provide practice with reading comprehension, vocabulary, and interpretation of charts and graphs, coordinated with the Gazette sections 
    • Activity Masters include word cards, graphics, charts, and activity sheets for the multi-level activities and games suggested in the Teacher’s Guide
    • Unit Achievement Tests assess student performance and prepare students for standardized tests
    • Learner assessment records and progress charts for documenting student achievement
    • All reproducibles in two convenient formats: a perf-bound volume, and downloadable and printable CD-ROM files
English Course Side by Side Plus Communication Games

Communication Games

  • Interactive language games to reinforce grammar and vocabulary learned in each unit
  • Photocopiable activity sheets for each game
  • Available for Levels 1-3

English Course Side by Side Plus Student Book Audio CDs and mp3 Audio

Student Book Audio CDs and mp3 Audio

  • Complete Student Book audio program available in two formats: Standard CD tracks and mp3 audio files
English Course Side by Side Plus Picture Cards

Picture Cards

  • Color picture cards for vocabulary development and activities suggested in the Teacher’s Guides

Assessment Program

  • New standards-based tests for listening, speaking, and writing to supplement existing unit, mid-level, and final tests
  • Assessment audio
  • Available as pdfs and editable Microsoft Word files
  • Available late 2016